About Us

Who we are:

We are a community of artists, producers, musicians, photographers, videographers, designers, studio engineers, social media and marketing specialists, that strives to connect like-minded creative individuals for the purpose of facilitating resources for artists to grow their business.

What does it mean to be a Legacy Creative Artist?…

It is free to join for those who qualify.

Email us at thelegacycreative@gmail.com to schedule an interview.

The Legacy Creative Artist gets the opportunity to showcase their art through planned events/shows.

The Legacy Creative Artist obtains free promotion through The Legacy Creative's social media platforms.

The Legacy Creative Artist will have access to a database of resources/connections that facilitate their artistic journey.

The Legacy Creative Artist contributes to the planning of the live events in which they will participate.

Our Core Values:

Community Building:
We encourage growth and unity through artists supporting one another in a humble, non-competitive culture.

Creative Trust:
We build trust by being open minded and transparent through our creative freedom.

We are efficient in our workflow through our strive for excellence.

Purpose Driven:
We are visionaries who believe in being purpose driven to impact people around the globe.

Co-Founders: Brett Janzen and Tony Castro - The Legacy Creative 2016 - All Rights Reserved